Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Climate Controlled units?
Climate Controlled units are Air-Conditioned/Heated and low humidity. The benefit is for electronics, wood furniture, photos, mattress, clothes, etc. You don’t need a Climate Controlled unit if everything you store can be put in a garage for a year long. In Houston, our units get over 100 degrees in the summer.

Can I store my boat, RV, service truck or big rig?
Yes. We offer covered parking for our 12×30 and 12×40 units only. Some covered units include electricity.

Do you require insurance with my unit?
Yes. We offer tenant insurance in case your home policy does NOT cover your storage unit. You must bring in the policy to verify before we remove the insurance from your unit.

Do I need to bring my own storage lock?
Yes. We recommend the DISC lock for all our units. We sell on-site for your convenience.

What items are NOT allowed to be stored?
Flammable, smelly items, perishables, moth balls, batteries, ask for more details if needed.

What are your security measures?
We have tons of cameras onsite, recording and monitoring. Gate security and key pad security into all hallways. Well lit at night.

Do you offer 24 hour access?
Yes, for an additional $25 per month.

Do you have office warehouse spaces for rent?
Yes. They are 12×10 A/C office with attached 12×40 Non-Climate warehouse with back rollup door. Ask for more details.

When do late fees begin?
Late fees begin midnight of the 5th day late. We follow State approved Auction rules and they are outlined in your agreement.

Do you offer truck rentals?
Yes. We are a busy U-Haul dealer. We rent trailers as well.